Select a Venue for your Wedding Day


I was asked to write suggestions for Wedding couples on planning their day.

Once engaged and date figured out, you should reserve your wedding venue in one to two years in advance.  Get the venue you want and make a deposit to reserve.  If you are two years ahead you can negotiate pricing and might be able to get this years prices instead of paying pro-rated prices in the future.  Most venues actually charge more for a Saturday booking rather than a Friday night  or Sunday afternoon / evening.  So If you book in advance you have a better chance of negotiating a better price as they want the deposit.

For people who have already had their wedding please respond on this blog on excellent places for the future wedding couples, on places they can visit to help them decide on a venue. There are so many options out there, a little help in the right direction can go a long way.

Thank you for helping our new couples plan their day by your past experiences on great ideas and planning.