Limo ?


I do a lot of bridal consultations and actually help them plan more of their wedding day than talking about their photography.  Couples have the best intentions on telling me what they want rather than what they really need.  Sometimes their expectations are a little too high.  Couples want the Cinderella wedding but on a shoe string budget.  Most of the time they want that $2000.00 limo for the day, but when they realize that the bride at the most will spend approx 45 minutes in the limo it really does not make a lot of sense when they are cutting their cake the driver is out side being paid to sit in the car.  If you are going to get a limo, find out if you can buy a chunk of time rather than book for the whole day it might be a lot cheaper.  Some times if their budgets really cannot afford a Limo I suggest renting a nice sports car for $ 200.00 a day and then put the money they saved towards other things that they really need.  I have helped many couples  get an old fashioned car for a couple of hours and have more fun getting some fantastic pictures that will be more memorable in ten years from now rather than the 45 minute limo ride that they spent $2000.00 for and not remember it as much.